One Lambeth Advice is brought to you by the CAB and the Council working together. It is designed to enable you to get the information and advice that you need quickly and efficiently and in different ways:

  • Using on-line information, tools and materials
  • Working with one of our Advice Guides to help you find and use the information you need
  • Helping you work out the next step that you need to take
  • Providing advice and casework through the Lambeth Advice Network

On-line information, tools and materials

Direct links to the benefits, debt and money, work, housing and consumer sections of Adviceguide and to other useful sites are provided. Adviceguide is brought to you by Citizens Advice and provides information, tools and materials on a range of different subjects. It is a great starting point.

Advice Guides

You will find Advice Guides in different places across Lambeth. They are really helpful people who are fully trained and know their way around the Internet. They will help you find and use what you need on line. But don’t worry if you do get stuck you can chat on-line, e-mail or use one of our phones to speak to an adviser who will help you work out what you need to do next.

Advice guides can also help you manage your money better and can show you how to open a bank account, use direct debits to make your payments and sign up for help with budgeting.

Next steps

You can talk to one of our advisers using web chat, by e-mail or on the telephone. They will help you work out what you need to do next in your particular circumstances and this may result in:

  • You being directed to another service
  • Information being explained to you
  • An appointment being made for further advice or casework with a member of the Lambeth Advice Network or another agency or service

Advice and casework

Advice and casework is provided by different organisation across Lambeth and in particular by members of the Lambeth Advice Network.

Advice is also available at four GP’s practices: Mawbey, Brixton Hill, Paxton Green & Lambeth Walk to patients of those practices and of the Hetherington practice. Please check availability with your surgery.