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Have you thought about volunteering as a route into work, for something to do or as a means of giving something back? Many people do volunteer and get an awful lot out of it.

The CAB provides full training and support and a great team to volunteer with. In return it asks that you commit to a minimum of one but ideally two days a week. In the last twelve months more than thirty people have found paid work as a result of volunteering for the CAB.

Interested? Please drop Rosalyn a line. She would love to hear from you.

If you are struggling to pay your rent it is important that you act straight away by letting your landlord know, checking to see if you are entitled to help with your rent and by having a look at the way you manage your money.

Turn2us and the Council can help you see if you are entitled to any benefits and there is lots of useful information about managing your money on Adviceguide.

Money worries can really get you down. It is worth using the Turn2us calculator to see if there are any benefits that you are entitled to and are not getting. Adviceguide has lots of useful information on how to manage your money and any debts you may have.